You make all things new… Yes, you make all things new and I will follow you forward

I absolutely love that song, I’ve been singing it for the last couple days.

I have a whole lot of catching up to do. I’m sorry for not updating sooner– but it has been some busy and exhausting weeks…

I competed last saturday at the Mt. SAC relays in an open 400m. My initial response to the race was that it didn’t go well because I only executed for about 300m of it. However after talking to my coach and watching the tape and I was actually really excited to see that my turnover is back to where it should be! I’m sprinting again! 🙂 I get another chance to properly execute the 400 this weekend, but in relay form.

I have a bunch of random pics that kind of explain the last two weeks, so here it goes:

The first couple of weeks here I didn’t really get to see much besides the track, the hotel, and restaurants that we ate at. However 2 weeks ago on our recovery day, I got a chance to meet up with one of my friend’s Dee. Dee was the long jump coach while I was in high school, and she recently moved to atlanta with her family. She took me to Lennox Mall and helped me to get a ton of errands done. I also got to spend some time with her family- she has a newborn son, Maximus.

I think he’s the smallest baby I’ve ever held

So I’ve officially seen more of Atlanta than the track and the hotel. We drive by the 1996 Olympic Stadium almost every day on our way to practice. They turned it into a baseball stadium for the Atlanta Braves. Regardless, it’s still pretty cool to drive by this street

Oh and one of my clients, Lissette from 24 Hour Fitness Burbank, sent me a care package that included an Atlanta Tour Guide. So I guess I’ll be able to see more of the city without getting lost 🙂

It was so thoughtful, it also included a Hollywood postcard, a bookmark and a travel journal. What’s really cool about the journal is that it comes with poetry on one side and scripture on the other. Here is one that she pre-highlighted for me. (1 corinthians 9:24)

Something that I definitely took for granted in Los Angeles, was the consistency in weather. Atlanta has been pretty nice to me since I’ve been here. It’s been more or less 75 degrees and sunny. This is generally what the weather is like during practice but i guess the difference between Atlanta and Los Angeles is that the weather changes without the slightest warning. It can go from sunny to rainy in a matter of minutes… but the weirdest part about it is that it’s still 75 degrees. I’m not sure whether to take my jacket off or put it on when the weather looks like this

Ok enough about weather, let’s move on.. have you ever seen the movie Kool Runnings .. the Disney movie about the Jamaican Bobsled Team?

We ate at a Kool Running’s restaurant!! I didn’t even know they actually existed

Here are some of the things we ordered

On another note, last week I had to get my travel Immunization shots for the time that I will be spending in Nigeria.
This is probably the worst part about traveling… but hey 5 shots in a row isn’t enough to keep me from moving forward
random but I’ve never seen my blood pressure this low before. 111/42?? I guess Eat.. Sleep…Train really is working lol
Last weekend while in Los Angeles, my parents were able to host a team dinner at our hotel. They really went above and beyond to make the team feel welcome. Thanks mom & dad 🙂
I’m sitting in my hotel room in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania right now. We got in Thursday afternoon for the track meet this weekend.
I’m extremely excited to be here for the Penn Relays. This is one of the biggest meets in the history of track and field. More athletes compete at Penn Relays than in the Olympic Games! The meet is also called “USA vs The World” because so many countries come to compete.. This is the stadium where things will go down tomorrow afternoon, and from what I’ve heard- it will be completely packed!!
For more info please go to:
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